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Swagbucks redeem issues

Discussion in 'General Support' started by dedo, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. dedo

    dedo New Member


    i have issue with swagbucks.. Everything seems ok, but when i redeem gift cards, after few days i get ban. ALL ACCOUNTS get bans if redeem any gift cards. What is the problem??
  2. dedo

    dedo New Member

    So swagbucks is over or what, how they catch me?
    Swagbucks answer to this:

    After careful review by our Compliance team, this account was closed for violating program terms in respect to our Watch/video services available on Swagbucks.com.
    This closure may be a result of, but not limited to, running multiple activities simultaneously, using unauthorized third party software, using browser add-ons not associated with Swagbucks.com, or any viewing methods meant to exploit our video services or circumvent advertisements.
    Any Swag Bucks and Rewards remaining in a closed account are automatically forfeited.
    We regret having to take such actions, but to continue to provide services and rewards to our members, Swagbucks takes appropriate steps, up to and including deactivation of user accounts, for violations of program terms.

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