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SELL Virtual Credit Cards (AWS,AMAZON PRIME, PAYPAL...)

Discussion in 'Buy Digital Goods' started by kiko2001, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. kiko2001

    kiko2001 New Member

    Hello everybody :) I am kiko2001.. I am a senior member registered since may 2015.
    This is my profile link , and this is my thread link
    I recently found this forum,and thought I would give it a chance to start some selling threads :)

    Please contact me on skype as it has came to my knowledge that I cannot message people here :)
    skype chris_bakugan

    I have VCCs from RU/US and other European banks :p

    • 0$ VCC
    • 1$ VCC - standard package..
    • Can make custom balance too .. 1-1000$
    Working for AWS PAYPAL AMAZON PRIME etc etc etc.. no point in making a list
    PRICE 4$

    28-30.10.2016 SOLD OVER 30 VCC ....

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