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Great news for Cloud users!!

Discussion in 'Bot Support' started by Randydrew6, Nov 20, 2021.

  1. Randydrew6

    Randydrew6 Administrator
    Staff Member Admin VIP Senior Mod Moderator Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    I know a lot of people have been awaiting my update on Cloud, as you all know MANY people keep creating disputes pushing back the update later and later and this is unfair to those that want to have their cloud out now LUCKILY I was able to get into the green a few days ago and get some working proxies again. Unfortunately someone today named "Ramonjit" made a false claim that the software never worked and wanted a refund on a lot of instances putting me back to -$500 but let's get to the good news with some screenshots: :)

    The GOOD news! Because so many people have filed disputes and I refuse to let new cloud users come in those of you that do still have Cloud will now have it back up and running very soon, I know I keep saying this but I was able to redeem just over $700 in giftcards today meaning I will be able to have your cloud setup and get out of the red on PayPal!

    I won't have Swag setup yet as I still have to have more money for the persistent phone numbers but here is some proof that it is working and once I get the money for the giftcards today/tomorrow the instances that I redeemed on will be assigned to you guys again :) After I am out of the red again I will begin assigning Swag for your down time as thanks for not filing a dispute as planned :)


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  2. emilio

    emilio New Member

    good stuff randy happy you getting out of the neg always appreciate your business
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  3. DarrelLow

    DarrelLow New Member
    VIP Supporter

    nice randy lets get this cloud going too the moonnnn
  4. George Lopez

    George Lopez Active Member
    VIP Supporter Founding Supporter

    i would like the update-CONTACT ME so we disscuses
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  5. UB3R

    UB3R Member
    VIP Supporter

    Great news for real!

    @Randydrew6 May I repeat my recommendation to stop taking PayPal but rather switch to cryptocurrency purchases only?
  6. mdjaforullah

    mdjaforullah Member

    i'm waiting for my refund bro.. it's been 5+ month :( and don't forget i never disputed .. Waiting patiently for my refund..will keep waiting .
  7. savedaplanet

    savedaplanet Member
    Founding Supporter

    yeah I am in this same boat, I got the second wave cloud "refund" but none of those paid out either and then it was back to the ghosting shit

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