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Cheap Earnhoney and swagbucks proxy @1$ bulk buy only

Discussion in 'Buy Digital Goods' started by Gloria, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Gloria

    Gloria Active Member VIP Supporter

    After a huge vouch and your support, I decided to give good offer to community
    I am selling proxy for Swagbucks and Earnhoney.
    Minimum buy is 50
    50 to 100 proxy cost will be 2.5$ per proxy
    100 proxy to 200 proxy cost will be 2$ per proxy
    200 to 500 proxy cost will be 1.8$ per proxy
    500 to 1k proxy cost will be 1.5$
    1k + proxy cost will be 1$ per proxy

    payment methods - Paypal as gift and BTC
    IP authorized ( do not ask for username and password) one proxy for one IP. Do not ask for multiple

    General Question
    Type of your proxy?
    only http and IP authorized only
    Can you tell me ISP?
    No buy and check ISP
    Can you show me screenshots?
    No sorry

    What is your proxy speed?

    1 GBps ( I tested and got 400 Mbps download and upload is 200 Mbps) but its varied on your vps/ dedicated server location

    proxy validity?

    28 days

    Do you have multiple subnet?

    what is your refund policy?

    Due to nature of business( virtual), No refund will be granted if proxy is working with following term
    sagbucks- working with signup
    gifthulk- working with signup
    earnhoney- opening sites / buzztv

    How much time will you take to deliver proxy?

    It will take upto 24 to 48 hours( business hours only)

    Can i change authorized IP?

    Yes but not frequently. You have to pay 1$ for it. you can request single time per day max.

    Can I change proxy?

    Yes on every month you can request new or can keep old one

    For fast response skype me

    Skype- live:crazygparker_1
    skype name - Tobepositive Gloria

    You can send money with auithorized IP and yout tbn/roguelabs username/ skype ID to get proxy faster (in paypal note) by sending money to given paypal as gift only
    Paypal- [email protected] (South Africa)

    Payment proof
    Earnhoney proof 1
    Earnhoney proof 2
    Swagbucks proof
    I sold 10k++ proxy . My other forum vouch and thread

    Latest earnhoney proof

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  2. KevinZ

    KevinZ Member Founding Supporter

    100 proxies for $2.5?
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  3. Gloria

    Gloria Active Member VIP Supporter

    Thanks for support
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  4. George Lopez

    George Lopez Active Member Supporter Founding Supporter

    im in if 100 for 2.50 total
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