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100% working proxies for earnhoney and swagbucks

Discussion in 'Buy Digital Goods' started by Gloria, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Gloria

    Gloria Active Member VIP Supporter

    Hi Guys
    I am again with great service.
    Most people asked for 100% working proxy for earnhoney and swagbucks

    Price - 10$
    minimum buy is 10 means it will be 100$

    For user name authorized you have to pay 10$ extra

    Some general Question-
    1- What is your refund policy?
    I will refund all money withing 1 day if you will not satisfied with my proxies
    2- Authorization type
    both available
    user name and password
    Ip authorized
    3- How many authorized IP can I add?
    you can add 5 max

    4- Is there any vouch available?
    Yes you can take a look on my previous selling thread

    5- Fastest way to contact you
    skype Live:crazygparker_1

    6-Type of your proxy?
    only http and sock5

    7-Can you tell me ISP?
    Yes Its cogent communication.
    Do not think that you already tried it. because its from direct ISP not from datcenter or vps provider that,s why its working with earnhoney

    8-What is your proxy speed?
    1 GBps ( I tested and got 400 Mbps download and upload is 200 Mbps) but its varied on your vps/ dedicated server location

    9-proxy validity
    26 days

    10-Any Discount for bulk order
    PM me or skype me Live:crazygparker_1

    11-How much time will you take to deliver proxy?
    It will take upto 72 hours( business hours only)

    12-Can i change authorized IP?
    Yes but not frequently. You have to pay 1$ for it. you can request single time per day max.

    13-How much can I make per day per account?
    It depends on ads availability

  2. UmairSajjad

    UmairSajjad New Member

    200% working proxies for Swagbucks, Insta GC, Grabpoints and many more. infect i am selling you te direct DSL internet lines from the USA.
    Price= $30/month - 50 Unique USA IPs daily limit
    All IPs are 100% rental USA internet lines.
    Contact= Skype username - umair.sajjad73
    These are the best IPs for Swagbucks and many more GPT sites.

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