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Rogue Cloud will automatically setup a server and earn money on your server for you! All you need to do is have VIP and buy Cloud Instances in the Sub Shop! After you do so you can use this program to tell each instance what Reward you would like to get when it gathers enough points! It's that simple! Don't have a residential static USA proxy for botting? No Problem! Don't have a computer you can leave on 24/7 while the bot earns money? No Problem! Let Rogue-Labs manage everything automatically while you get the rewards!
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May 3, 2021 at 9:18 PM
May 9, 2017
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May 3, 2021 at 9:18 PM
    1. Super
      randy i don't have vip anymore and you said you would extend it, i may have just gotten all my accounts ip banned because it switched to free version. can u add the proxies back please and extend the time as we agreed to?
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      2. Super
        Ye but i still need the other stuff, my proxies back (the exact ips) and 10 slots. When could u get this done
        Feb 2, 2020
      3. Super
        Because I didn’t notice it had run out and the accounts started running on my home ip instead. Hope I’m not banned
        Feb 2, 2020
      4. Randydrew6
        I can't check if you still have your proxies or not or even what proxies you had. I'll send you a pm
        Feb 2, 2020
    2. Nokimochi
      man u payed via paypal and i dont see my subscription
      1. Randydrew6
        I can see you are a supporter, looks like it did activate for you sorry if it took longer than you thought :)
        Jan 31, 2020
    3. EduardxG
      Hello! Can you process my order, please? :)
      1. Randydrew6 likes this.
      2. Randydrew6
        Have done so just now, sorry just waking up it will be up soon!
        Jan 31, 2020
      3. EduardxG
        Thank you! Can you answer as well at my thread in Bot Support topic?
        Jan 31, 2020
    4. ocelote
      Hi, all bots currently work?
    5. dip5252
      hello sir i need a best proxy for swagbucks
    6. shredder
      Hello i have purchased 1 proxy for 7.5 $ before two days and didn't receive anything yet , please help me thanks
    7. Henrique2018
      I got your email.I am interested in the VIP trial. Please , could you confirm ?
    8. droo
      can you please check pm. im interested in the trial thank you
    9. Cayne
      Got an email for vip, replied and got no response, trying here.
    10. ty47555
      Got the Email free week still available?
    11. kalypso
      I'm also here because of the email. Is the free VIP week still available?
    12. ky nguyen
      ky nguyen
      got email from u, said i can get 1 free weeek of vip memberships, so i can try out the new update
    13. FlipIT
      Hello, I was wondering if the earnhoney bot is still working. Because It is running but doesnt do anything. Best regards
    14. yolanmith
      I sent you a pm in the welcome, bought a proxy
    15. Freak101
      i send you a PM, can you please help me out?
      1. RandyVPS
        Use Facebook, the link is at the bottom
        Jun 14, 2019
    16. keystrokes
      Hello Randy. I'm trying to install superswag via the SuperSwag Setup.exe. However, I keep getting "This app can't run on your pc". Any suggestions? After a few hours of troubleshooting with no success, thought you might be able to help. Thanks
    17. tiostalin
      Buy the vip yesterday, but it does not appear in my account, please help.
    18. darkness93
      I have sent BTC for Vip , waiting for upgrade.
    19. tiostalin
      Hello i pay vip, please update my account ;)
    20. Avocado
      The bot does not go into setup mode on new computers.
      1. RandyVPS
        what does this mean
        Apr 12, 2019
      2. Avocado
        When I click on Start, it does not do setup %..., all are listed waiting, there's a few post already that have same issue with screenshots in the forum.
        Apr 12, 2019
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