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New Showcase Comments

  1. xPyrite
  2. Stylxd
  3. evis34800
    do we need US IP for this kind of website ? Or french people can do it ?
  4. rgdyman
    Is there a reason the window freezes up after a period of time the bot runs? Also, it seems to have a hard time completing all the videos for the day. Maybe I need to do something on my side? As it stands, GH is not producing enough to cover the...
  5. jshepp
    does this bot still function? I am trying to download it from the link and just redirects me to an error page
  6. xPyrite
    My setups always stuck at 10 percent, randy hasnt been on in days... seems abandoned. RIP my $20..
  7. Larry Newman
    My account had been band. it said " Account has reached daily cap for offers. Please try again in 48 hours" afiter the bot click above 100 ads and my account can't login after 48 hours.
  8. Larry Newman
    [IMG] The bot run about 6 hours and only earn about 30 SB, and it said " TV:Verifying Launch". Is that something wrong with it ? How many SB do we get in one day ?
  9. b35773
    Does anyone know if there is a way to use proxies that require a username and password with the GH bot? I can manually enter the login each day but its a PITA to keep having to. =) DM me if so.
  10. Larry Newman
    when I open the bot and after it complete 100% , it says " Setup: Goal Not Activated!"
  11. sajedph
    Why won't the videos buffer? I check it by clicking "Show Browser"
  12. s2maxno1s2
  13. drubert
    Having trouble running swagbucks tv, the bot is stuck on a loop: it says "Verifying launch", spawns google chrome, closes it and then repeat. Running it on a windows azure vps, with true residential proxy + proxifier. What might be the cause?
  14. s2maxno1s2
  15. s2maxno1s2
  16. s2maxno1s2
  17. s2maxno1s2