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Why I have been gone and what I have done.

Discussion in 'Forum Support' started by Randydrew6, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Randydrew6

    Randydrew6 Administrator
    Staff Member Admin VIP Senior Mod Moderator Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    Recently my little brother who is gay lost the love of his life. He took this very hard and tried to kill himself. I found him and brought him to the hospital. He was sent to the ward for a few days but managed to convince them he was fine. Once he got back he decided to meet his ex who lives 20 hours away. He drove all the way there and back after staying there for only 10 minutes. After he got back he was very depressed and lost a lot of weight and hasn't showered, we were trying to watch him and my depression over losing my brother is really hard even though I didn't lose him it seemed like I did. The next day he decided to try and kill himself again, we were at the hospital until 5 AM by his side. He managed to make it again and was send to the ward again. After a few days he made them release him. During this time I did my best to try and put out updates and help users that contacted me on Facebook, like always thats the best way to contact me. He is out now and the first few days were rough but it's getting better. I don't have to constantly keep him busy and he is in a better mood.

    I know this is a personal matter but a lot of people on here really think that I am just trying to steal money when I am not. So today I have put out an update for Gifthulk that will earn points much faster, will make sure it stays under 20 hours a day and will make sure a ban will never occur again. I hope you guys give this a shot with a new account because it will not get banned and will make a lot of points.

    I also updated bingger to be 64 bit and also made the login screen enter credentials faster. I know people have reported it losing its cookies. I am going to find out what causes this ASAP.

    Swagbucks also has an update today, this update will fix the coupon getting stuck on the main page and also will fix swagbucks TV getting stuck on Watch TV

    I also found an issue with the updater, so if you have an error with the updater you will need to redownload the bot and replace your updater3 file with the new downloaded one.

    Sorry about not being around, I will try my best to make sure all reported errors are fixed like always!
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  2. Gloria

    Gloria Active Member
    VIP Supporter Organ Donor Donator

    Sorry to hear about your brother.
  3. HackerMan

    HackerMan New Member
    VIP Supporter

    Hope all is well man, take all the time you need to help your brother out.
  4. KevinZ

    KevinZ Member
    VIP Supporter Founding Supporter

    People think this site is your only way of communicating with them. You told me once you respond on facebook quick and i contact you there when it's urgent. I tell people you're on facebook, they ask again why you dont come on here. Like , cmon. You should probably have a banner somewhere telling them that if you're not on here, contact you on facebook. If they don't have an account there, make one. Simple.

    Also, sorry about your brother :(
  5. Cloudyday80

    Cloudyday80 Member
    VIP Supporter Founding Supporter

    Wow. Sorry to hear about that. Family is always priority. I've never dated or anything so I can't relate to the wanting to kill myself for that reason. Surely he could find someone else though. I've had several family members kill themselves. No warning. Nobody knew about it they just did it and were found later. While I'm not making light of the situation I've seen it a lot where people who say they are going to kill themselves are really just wanting attention, so I would say you're doing the right thing keeping him busy. I hope you can get him back to normal.
  6. LloydValentine

    LloydValentine Active Member
    Supporter Founding Supporter

    Dang, sorry to hear this man! I've written books on how to get over an ex, but I've never thought about how to cope with losing someone you love. I'm really going to have to delve into this, especially since it seems that the depression rate in america is higher than any other country.... :(

    I'll keep your brother in my prayers.
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  7. Randydrew6

    Randydrew6 Administrator
    Staff Member Admin VIP Senior Mod Moderator Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    It's okay guys thank you for the support, I will keep trying to push out updates and help anyone that needs help. If you have a problem and it can be solved with teamviewer contact me on facebook. I think I fixed all the issues however
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  8. Boracho

    Boracho Active Member
    VIP Supporter Founding Supporter

    my gh account was banned a few days ago btw
  9. RandyVPS

    RandyVPS Active Member
    VIP Supporter

    yeah like I said, the new one wont ban. The other one caused bans because it would be running for too long. The one now can't be banned because it cant be detected as selenium and it has breaks
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