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Use of bots on Mac

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by ThisIsA25LetterUsername, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. ThisIsA25LetterUsername

    ThisIsA25LetterUsername New Member

    I do not have a computer that works with stuff like .NET 4.5 and C++ redistribution naturally, and while things like boot camp are an option there are other requirements that cost money, and I mean from tens to hundreds of dollars, and if that doesn't work I've just wasted a ton of money, so I just need to know if it is indeed possible to run any or all bots on a mac and the instructions to do so, thanks.
  2. judical

    judical Active Member
    VIP Supporter Founding Supporter

    Install VirtualBox assuming you have a Windows OS to install.
  3. Randydrew6

    Randydrew6 Administrator
    Staff Member Admin VIP Senior Mod Moderator Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    I purposely made them for windows, windows software is much more reliable and runs better over mac because its all first party
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  4. ThisIsA25LetterUsername

    ThisIsA25LetterUsername New Member

    Oh well, thanks anyways.

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