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[UHQ] Earn 2000$ daily Easy $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by poletic, Feb 1, 2022.

  1. poletic

    poletic New Member

    Hey, this is a method I've been using since a couple of days and already made almost $1260 in Bitcoin.

    Method is pretty simple and anyone with at least 2 brain cells will be able to use it.

    I hope you like it and make bank with it before it gets saturated and patched.

    So basically you have to use this method: https://anonfiles.com/ren5m1F2x1/Giftcards_Method_updated_28_January2022_pdf
    This method allows u to get digital items like Amazon giftcards for free, however, the best option is to get the giftcards and then exchange them to Bitcoin.

    -> g2a allows u to create max. 2 orders per 24 hours
    -> g2a allows u to add max. 5 items to your cart
    which means u can get 10 items per day.

    Now if u have $500 in Bitcoin to buy 5 giftcards in each order u will be able to get $1000 in Amazon giftcards, and then exchange them to Bitcoin on Paxful for about 70% of their value, which means u get $700 DAILY.

    However, if u don't have that much money, u can also use it with $100 and just buy 2x $100 Amazon giftcards per day which means u earn about $140 - $150 daily when u exchange them to BTC on Paxful.

    PS: Changing your IP address / E-mail and clearing cookies doesn't work (if u would like to create more orders on g2a). Idk how they detect it but when I try to create 3rd order it always gave me an error and it worked again after 24 hours since my first order.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2022
  2. George Lopez

    George Lopez Active Member
    VIP Supporter Founding Supporter

    hey if that works how about u put some into interested bearing accounts :) if ur interested tell me u earn btc fr hodling

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