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Superswag Situation

Discussion in 'Bot Support' started by RandyVPS, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. RandyVPS

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    So as many of you know Swagbucks advertisers have implemented many new forms of detection against bots, I have midigated these issues but in comes at a cost of CPU usage. In my recent update 204d I did make the bot only load what needed to be loaded and used a lot of trickery to keep the CPU of most pages at the lowest it can go however this isn't enough. So many threads are ran from Superswag that no matter what happens that during a page load when all these scripts go off the DOM of these pages spicts the CPU on the bot because its ran all on one process despite being multiple threads.

    I have released 204d this will work with 4 of any settings selected without much of a hiccup but what i plan on doing is releasing in 205 is multiprocessing as well as mulithreading. Seperating each driver to be sent mesages though a different process that isn't superswag would disperse the cores and threads so much that the CPU usage would drop signifantly. This is a major change and I am going to work very hard on getting it done so that the number of threads ran by each processor is the lowest it can be so the CPU can stay low. I also fixed a lot of the ram bugs by disposing of cache in the drivers perioditcally.

    So in 204d I would suggest running SwagTV, Watch, Games, Discover, and Search, leave everything else off for now until I get 205 out. I am going to put my brain to work to get the bot everyone wants fixed to be fixed. This is a monumental project and I wont release the update until proper testing is done.

    I appreciate everyone standing up for me during this trying time and I will make sure you don't regret it. Reminds me of when the hacker deleted everything on the site and I had to recreate the site completely, it was down for a month and of course some people were pissed but for those that didn't cancel their subs during that time I made sure you got ample time added for the down time. I appreciate everyone and if I can't talk to everyone that contacts me right away i am sorry but this fix needs to happen and it needs to happen fast so nothing else can be treated until this is done.
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  2. kmonmoy

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    Thanks @RandyVPS . Will follow your advise.
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  3. Larry Newman

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  4. evemon007

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    Randy you always do right by us - anyone who complains doesn't understand the amount of work that creates this value. You are literally out engineering a whole company.

    For those of you out there with more powerful machines, I added 1 core to all my VPS and am able to run a bit more than recommended setttings, but as always take randy's advice first.
  5. SomeGuy64

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    Good luck man, I know you can do it. Stay strong.
  6. Gloria

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    I think you have to add/suggest coupon because it give us 50 SB.
    Can we use it in 204e?
    Is it safe?

    @RandyVPS @Randydrew6
  7. RandyVPS

    RandyVPS Active Member
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    It should be yes
  8. Pedro

    Pedro New Member

    He understands you, randy.. I had a doubt but it is not to hurry but to have a fixed term in how many days or weeks will version 205 be operative?
  9. EL_Guy

    EL_Guy Member

    I remember the time of the Hack. I was not even paying attention to the bot at the time. So the hacker most had gotten way with 2 of my month. Randy gave me one free month of VIP. Like I always say Randy keep up the good work!!!!!

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