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Selling Windows / Linux VPS with $3.00 FREE CREDIT

Discussion in 'Buy Digital Goods' started by ReturNull, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. ReturNull

    ReturNull New Member

    CPU Optimized VPS for Bots, Game Server, Hosting etc. with hourly billing.

    For Rogue Labs, proxy ip is not included. All instances comes with 1 Dedicated Datacenter IP and Google Chrome is installed as default browser. You can chat live on

    CPU Optimized -1 (CO-1)

    2 CPU
    4 GB RAM
    50 GB SSD
    5 TB Bandwidth

    $0.008 / hourly
    $6 / monthly

    Buy Now!

    CPU Optimized -2 (CO-2)

    4 CPU
    6 GB RAM
    50 GB SSD
    5 TB Bandwidth

    $0.014 / hourly
    $10 / monthly

    Buy Now!


    Payment Methods: PayPal (All types are included), Stripe

    Common Features

    • Instant Deployment within 30 seconds.
    • Reinstall OS, E-Mail Notifications
    • Start, Shutdown, Reboot, VNC Console, RDP
    • In-Built Chrome (disabled hardware acceralation)
    • Backup and Firewall Settings
    • API Support for VPS Reselling




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  2. Mutua

    Mutua New Member

    I vouch for this been using the service for 5 days now.
    VPSs 4GB+50SSD for 6$ and 6GB Ram+50SSD for 10$ are literally steals. They have been tailored for botting with all the prequisites installed it just plug and play, Fast easy deployment with decent bandwith 100% uptime.
    1.Comes with free credit (limited time Offer)
    2. Charged Hourly (you can spin up and kill a VPS after you're done)
    3. Own Console to create and Manage services.
    4. Fast & Reliable support within minutes.
    CONs: Will Update when I incur
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  3. octane567

    octane567 New Member

    So far so great! Recently deposited $6 into my newly created account to test the new Comcast proxies available in the rogue labs store. I absolutely love the layout of your website, and although I’ve found a couple spelling errors, your site functions perfectly.

    Something that really caught my attention was your hourly rate, I love how I can start and kill any instance and stop my payment from continuing! I’m able to run multiple servers and kill off my expirements / banned accounts.

    All in all, you’re website is perfect, your services offered are affordable yet not lacking any traits, and from the time you register to depositing to running a new instance is under 4 minutes. Hats off too you good sir!
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