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Rogue Club FAQ

Discussion in 'Bot Support' started by Randydrew6, May 10, 2017.

  1. Randydrew6

    Randydrew6 Administrator
    Staff Member Admin VIP Senior Mod Moderator Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    Q.) How come you don’t give free versions of all your bots?

    A.) We have people who work very hard who make, create, develop and update the bots. By purchasing a subscription you are helping to pay the developers for the high quality bots they provide.

    Q.) Will free bots ever be made?

    A.) This will be up to the developer of the bot if they want to make a free version or not. If they do make a free version it will be limited in some way.

    Q.) Can I ask if a bot can be made for free users?

    A.) Of course you can ask, there is no harm in asking. However please do not badger or pester the developer to hurry and make a bot for free users. Badgering or pestering the developer may result in them not making a free version.

    Q.) The developer said they would make a free version, but when will it be released?

    A.) Although a free version of a bot is going to be made there may be a wait for it to be released. This is because free versions do not get the same priority as that of subscribers’ versions. Other factors such as problems with other subscriber bots, updates for subscriber bots, or anything else related to the release of a new bot may delay the release of a free bot

    Q.) What are the "best" settings for a bot?

    A.) There is no "best" one size fits all setting because what works for one person may not work for another. Also a person's computer will also play a role in how well the settings we use will work (i.e. settings for a bot on a fast computer may not work as well for a bot on a slow computer).

    Still that's not to say there isn't a best setting that works for you. To find this setting get into the habit of finding
    ways to "staying under the radar" as much as possible. You can do this any number of ways, most common is asking others what settings they use. If someone should reply with the settings they use you should avoid just copying (and using) someone's settings exactly.

    After all, it wouldn't look good if a bunch of people all started to do specific activities within a site using the same exact patterns. Instead use there response as a guideline and then make adjustments to those settings so they become your own settings.

    Q.) Can I run a bot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

    A.) The bots have built in break features and if left at a good delay it should be perfectly fine to let the bot stay on 24/7

    Q.) I don't live in U.S.A, can I still use all the bots?

    A.) Yes, you can use a VPS (virtual private server/machine) that will allow
    you to use all our bots. Finding a provider would be a good decision before actually buying Supporter.

    Q.) The bot seems to be stuck, or not working. What do I do?

    A.) Wait 10 minutes and restart your computer, if it still does not work after that make sure you are a supporter or a VIP member. If it still does not work post a bug on the forum.
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