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Passive/Active Income Methods 2023 Part 2

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Manosteel211, Dec 11, 2022.

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    Faucet Collector is a bot that bots a ton of different crypto faucet sites. Sadly, only a few sites are actually profitable. You can try to scale it with proxies but I always get banned. Or the proxies are too expensive to make a profit. So I don't recommend it. Just earn on your home IP. This does come at a cost of $12.99 per year and you have to pay for captcha solving. I use their service. I've deposited $5 and its lasted forever. The sites you want to use is,, presearch,, and However, you might get banned from publish0x. You can test new sites as they come out but most are just not profitable because of the captcha. If you need help setting it up, feel free to message me.

    Link to sign up HERE

    Some other methods are renting out NFTs (cards) on Splinterlands is a strategic card auto battler. I rent out my cards on and automatically adjust prices for rent which makes the most profit. Cost is 10% of earning through splex. Splinterlands cost $10 for a starter deck. If you're interested, I have some extra accounts for playing. They have no cards, just the basic ones everyone gets that I can give you. This is limited, though. I use some of the rental profits to play on multiple accounts using a bot. I pay $1 for a slot but you can delete and add as you go. So I only use 1 slot but use 3 accounts. One each day. The bot site for play is called Splintermate. This is an investment on NFTs which have utility in the game. Not unlike a lot of other NFT projects. Also, Splinterlands has been around for over 4 years and they have tons of different stuff coming out for it. Such as land play, a tower defense game and even a soccer/football game to come. There is a ton to this project/game. So, if your interested and need help, message me. Again, this is an investment.

    Another Card NFT game I play is Gods Unchained. I use a $12 deck, playing Amazon Nature. It's the cheapest one out there. You can go to and find different decks to play with. You don't have to buy anything to start earning but the more you play; the more cards you get. You can get the basic core cards by playing and leveling up. You can fuse the basic cards into Tradeable NFTs on To fuse, you need 2 of that card, some in-game currency (Flux) and their main token GODS. Which you can earn by winning everyday. Your first 10 matches only get rewarded for wins as fragments. Fragments won across the game determine how much GODS tokens you receive. If you buy the different shiny cards, you earn even more of the fragments you receive for daily GODS tokens. They also have weekend events. You win packs based on your first 18 matches and receive them on Wednesday, usually.

    is a web browser that rewards users who enable ads on the browser and clicks them. It's for both desktop and mobile. Simply enable ads and choose how many you want an hour. Do this in the rewards section of the browser. Do make sure to turn off auto contribute in the rewards settings. Otherwise, you won't get any. I use a verified creator YouTube account which has nothing on it to tip it to myself. This does require KYC.

    Want to earn to watch videos? I have 2 sites you can run day and night and earn $1-$2 a day.
    First, you will need to sign up to FreeCash. Then, locate Lootably offer wall. Go to videos and then go to Link your Freecash account (I think it does it automatically) to withdraw points. Freecash has a $0.50 withdraw of Litecoin or you can get other cryptos, PayPal or gift cards. I use this to get the daily streak. I earn about $10-15 a week. On, there is a site you can get signed up to called Timewall that can help you top off the 1,000 points to get the daily streak on Freecash or you can use the next site to top off.

    The next site is You can withdraw to Freecash but you don't get your full points. Withdraw to and earn more than 1:1 for points. does also run on faucet collector for the spin the wheel. You can get 10-50% extra earnings from the wheel so its good to keep an eye on that and withdraw accordingly to get that bonus. needs to be monitored and isn't completely on autopilot like It will ask you if you're still watching and you'll need to complete a captcha.

    Well there is a bunch and I will add more if I get any responses from this. Hope this is useful to anybody out there.
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