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[Noob Guide] Things You Should Know Before Investing

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by gr8tushar, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. gr8tushar

    gr8tushar New Member VIP Supporter

    December 2019 Updated Guide
    Only, Swagbucks is working currently.

    Membership Cost = 15$ [Non-Recurring] [Of course u want to try things first :p ]
    You will get 5 slots that means u are able to run your favourite bots on 5 VPS.
    50 Phone Verification Credits — These are credits which you guys will be using if You want to bot **Coupon** Option In Swagbucks
    It will be one time for 1 account — 22 Credits per Account. That means for 5 accounts/5 Vps u will be needing total 110 credits needed.
    Ahh Yes u should buy them also ok 150+50 will cost u nearly 18$.

    Now after that in VIP u will receive 9000 captcha credits which I guess Sufficient, Mostly used in **Search** Feature of Bot.

    Now As most of you are not from US, and even US users will scale up their earnings so let's talk about Proxies.
    As u are running 5 Accounts that means 5 Residential Proxies that means 35$ for proxies here in market place as they guarantee to work for swagbucks.

    Now You know that to be on safe side [atleast we can try best], You have to have 5 Gmail accounts which is US country based accounts as you will be signing up on swagbucks, so u must have 5 gmail accounts as well.
    Now I was not having 5 gmail US accounts so I have to signup 5 accounts as well, You think there is no problem?? No there is, actually when u create gmail account they gonna ask for US Phone Verification, Yeah right now U can use bot in-built feature of phone verification. So, right now 17 credits is cost for 1 gmail phone verification that means 17*5=85 credits, remember me have to use 110 credits for swagbucks **Coupon** itself that’s means 195 credits is gone by now.

    Lets talk about VPS now
    -Don’t Use Google Cloud Vps they won’t work.
    -Windows 2008 Server Preferred, and Windows 2012 R2 will also work, don’t go for other OS.
    -I didn’t tried AWS but I heard they can work if they are having required RAM.

    Just like u guys I search this forum to find VPS seller, I have bought 5 vps from SEDO here, who is claiming that Bots will run just fine.
    He delivered exactly what he promised, but really 2 cores/ 4 GB Ram / 35 GB SSD is sufficient ? Let's Find out.
    As I thought that I got sufficient Config vps so as noob I turned on all features of bot, why I shouldn’t, after all I am VIP member :p
    Soon I Realised that 4GB ram is enough but 2 cores is big no. I seek help from Randy on FB, he is very very helpful guy, but he told me that bot when starting for first time try to launch as many browser as options u have selected i.e. Search, TV, Coupon, Daily, Watch. But what happens if bot not able to launch browser correctly, then it will be in waiting state for ever and rest browser instance which bot was able to run successfully, it will work normally. Now u going to understand that 2 cores is definitely not worth it at all bcoz bot will be using 100% CPU all the time and ultimately run into error.
    So what’s the solution, Experiment. You have to try different permutations of Features u don’t want to run, hence turn off some options and check if browsers is successfully launched or not. But wait how to know that, When u started your bot if after 1 hour any of your Feature is saying like for ex “watch" feature will be like “Watch: Waiting” or lets say “coupon" feature be like “Coupon: Waiting” that means there is problem, ideally it is bcoz when bot tried to launch broswer instances, it didn’t get any free port to use and hence stuck there. Now u have to close bot [if Gui is not stuck as well] and restart bot again with less feature, do it recursively until you got success, and I can say it is most irritating part.

    As of now I m running Search, Coupon, Watch. Now u can see there are 6-8 total features of earning, I am able to run 3 out of them
    And for this VPS config I paid 10$ per VPS to SEDO, I m not complaining bcoz at this price u are getting Good Config. So 5 vps means 50$.
    Ideal Config to run Swagbucks is 4 cores+4GB+35GBSSD+Windows 2008 [Definitely will cost more than 10$].

    I am currently using all these things.
    Ideal earning I would say less than 1$ with my setting per day per Bot/VPS.
    So Monthly Earning with 5 VPS I would say 130~140 $
    If You redeem as AmazonGc and try to sell them u gotta give at least 15%~20% discount to buyer.
    And last but not least There is Risk Factor Banning from Swagbucks.

    Will Update what I got after 1 Month :)

    Disclaimer : I am not blaming anybody I have used RogueClub Bot previously back in 2015, That time there is nothing like Limited slots and Captcha Credits and earning wise also things were pretty great [Bingger, Gifthulk, Swagbucks, Earnhoney was BIG help]. Things might be pretty good right now, for person who is running lots of VPS and bots instances but as noob like me u wanna try things first. If I have given any wrong information above Correct me, it will be helpful for all. [Ignore any grammatical mistake :p ]
  2. sedo

    sedo Member VIP Supporter

    hi tanks for send feedback
    ssbot need ssd storage 25-30 Gb +4 core cpu 2.0 Ghz 4-6 GB RAM
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2019
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  3. Nobody Special

    Nobody Special Member Organ Donor

    I'd say you hit the nail on the head with that explanation.
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  4. Randydrew6

    Randydrew6 Administrator Staff Member Admin VIP Senior Mod Moderator Founding Supporter Organ Donor Donator

    Looks like those that run vps's with low specs tend to earn the least yeah for sure

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