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My journey with adult CPA

Discussion in 'General Support' started by Gloria, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Gloria

    Gloria Active Member VIP Supporter

    Hi guys,
    Actually I belongs to a joint family and i can not more time on Adult work. As you know that a adult journey for a girl is too hard but I started it to check my eligibility that i can do CPA or not after unsuccessful ogads and IG journey
    Short explanation about OGads journey-
    Bought FL -399$ (unlimited version)
    Bought tweet attack pro-399$(unlimited version)
    proxy and 30 account= 30$
    but after 2 month i only made a few cents
    What is my Plan-
    I will create account and make some None nude introductory Videos or will try to promote affiliate link
    Method that i will use-
    1-Will try with re upload methods
    2- will use twitter account to drive traffic(because IG is asking for PV again and again)
    CPA Site that I use -
    1- crack revenue
    3- clickcash
    Cost / Investment-
    only for 10 proxy =10$
    Day 1- Created 3 account of xvideos
    earning 0$
    Day 2- one account get suspended without any reason. They did not mail anythings
    Created 3 twitter account warming them
    Earning- 1.80 from clickcash
    1.35 from crackrevenue
    0.05 from bongacash
    Stats -

    Suggestion and feedback are welcome
    I will update my stats weekly.

    Thanks you guys
    Note- DO not put congrats or other unnecessary post or comment. Kindly share your ideas and suggestion to improve me and my skill. Sorry if that statement hurt you.
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  2. chickenlove

    chickenlove Member

    i'm following you. All best for you
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  3. Gloria

    Gloria Active Member VIP Supporter

  4. jacksparrow

    jacksparrow New Member

    Can anyone help to to learn to earn from these sites.
    How can I earn money,,?

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