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Minimum investment?

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by momoxia, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. momoxia

    momoxia New Member

    Hi guys. I wanted to get started on rogue labs bots but I had a few questions if any of you experienced members would be willing to answer them:

    1.) What are the minimum VPS specs I should go for and how much would that cost?
    2.) Where can I buy good proxies to run these bots and how much would those cost?
    3.) How much can I expect to earn? Basically how much does each of those bots average per day?
    4.) How much more money would I need to invest if I plan on running the earnhoney bot? And what server specs should I go for? (Assuming I buy the $20 membership)

    I'm trying to see how much money I'll need to invest for the first couple months. Any help in this regard by any of you experienced Rogues would be greatly appreciated :3
  2. IAmRetarded

    IAmRetarded Active Member
    Organ Donor Donator

    1) For earnhoney (1 tab), i would suggest 1 cores and 2gb of ram
    3) I currently make about $1 per day using earnhoney bot (some account doesn't earn anything)
    Bingger is more stable ($0.3 / day / account) but bans are pretty random
    4) As many account+proxy+vps as possible (earnhoney doesn't use much cpu power so small vps will work just fine)
  3. mafialive

    mafialive New Member

    thanks for information
    Earnhoney investment $5~$6 vps + 4$ proxy=10$ per account... and we get 1$ per day means 30$ a month. 20$ profit per vps. not a bad deal but this is only a calculation live practical result will be different may be in profit or may be in loss.

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