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Manage slots error? Superswag

Discussion in 'Bot Support' started by Chimmy, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Chimmy

    Chimmy New Member
    VIP Supporter

    Hey guys just trying to get this figured out. I'm trying to run superswag and I'm getting the error 4/3 slots have been used can't delete slots till 2/13/2020. I only have one isntance of superswag running. I tried to reach out to Randy on facebook with @roguelabsnet any suggestions on how to get this resolved?
  2. Randydrew6

    Randydrew6 Administrator
    Staff Member Admin VIP Senior Mod Moderator Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    I just deleted your slots, looked like you had ran an old version of superswag recently that used an older slot management system and also looks like you ran the same account on 2 computers

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