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How to avoid swagbucks ban? A small guide

Discussion in 'General Support' started by Gloria, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Gloria

    Gloria Active Member VIP Supporter

    Dear friends,
    i am writing my experience here to avoid ban

    Step 1- Creating new account
    1- must set time zone according to proxy time one
    2- Disable webrtc

    Step 2- Entering details
    1- Use google to find a address ( must match with your proxy state/city)
    2-If its possible then use phone number of same state/county
    3- Add a picture

    Step 3 - Warming New Account
    1- Do not make more than 1$ a day
    2- try to make 5 to 15$ for first month
    3- do same for second month
    After 3 month you will be able to earn 2$ or 3$ a day. This is the most important part

    Note- you still get ban because using a proxy or a bots still against their term and condition if you will find using a bots /proxy

    For proxy purchase
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