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Gambit Rewards Easy ~$60 per month with SB

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by pyrokidd, Sep 13, 2023.

  1. pyrokidd

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    Found an easy way to make about 200 SB swag bucks a day using Gambit Rewards. This also helps you skyrocket through the member recognition levels. Which at level 9 you get a $150 bonus and at level 10 you get $250 bonus. so this does have a lot of potential.

    Right now swag bucks has a discount on the gambit rewards redemption of 5%. Gambit rewards lets you bet tokens on sporting events. There are certain games where you can bet on both sides of the match and still make a profit because of the 5% discount from SwagBucks.

    For example if I redeem the max amount of 2 $100 gambit rewards gift cards from swagbucks for 9500 SB each so 19,000 SB. I get 20,000 gambit tokens. looking at the games to bet on using I can normally find games with a 1% - 2% profit. This is done by betting on both sides so that no matter who wins the game you make some profit over the 19,000SB you spent. You then have to redeem your tokens and convert them back into SB. In my experience the get delivered to you SB account instantly.

    By redeeming the gambit tokens for SB this counts towards your SB earned for the members recongnition levels. By adding ~19,200 SB a day you work your way to the top level pretty quick and get those big $150 and $250 bonuses.

    If you guys are feeling generous you can use my referral link
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