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Earnhoney bot tutorial?

Discussion in 'Bot Support' started by Zedar, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Zedar

    Zedar New Member

    Is there an earnhoney bot tutorial out there somewhere when using Randy's proxies?
    I can't seem to get it running properly with proxy selected. The bot does not load the facebook videos and just stay's on the facebook page waiting for someone to click on the "watch video" link.
    I've also tried entering the IP and port into the settings of the bot but there was no difference in behavior. Without selecting the proxy in the drop-down menu the facebook pages load just fine.
    I have a feeling that I'm missing something and the solution should be simple.
  2. vanphongttd

    vanphongttd New Member VIP Supporter

    only fill ur earnhoney account by hit setting on bot... bot will work
  3. Zedar

    Zedar New Member

    I've attached a screenshot to show the problem and it works fine when no proxy is selected in the top menu.
    With the proxy selected for some reason, the Facebook site asks for a "log in to continue" screen. I can confirm that the bot actually clicks on watch, but with the login prompt coming up it just times out.
    As soon as I de-select the RogueProxy the Watch Video works fine without any issues.

    Attached Files:

  4. vanphongttd

    vanphongttd New Member VIP Supporter

    some ips .. requrired fb login, need @RandyVPS help.. for me, only tab + type offers all normal, i know ủ isue
  5. RandyVPS

    RandyVPS Active Member VIP Supporter

    if you require a facebook login then that means your computer or ip isnt what they want and you are soft banned

    SAVAGESTORM New Member

    So when I use the earnhoney bot, it gets stuck for like 30 minutes at navigating offers.
  7. R3f3r33

    R3f3r33 New Member

    yeah, same here.. running it for 3 days now and not a single add.. it just stuck.. : /

    if any1 can help it out .. would be appreciated.. ;/
  8. evemon007

    evemon007 Member VIP Supporter

    randy, not sure that that is the case. I am running a home IP on earnhoney, have earned 50+ usd over a few months with the focus script, and have the exact same problem as described here. Furthermore I can log into a FB account on that IP, and click the watch button manually (bot wont do it), I then get the normal behavior as well as ads. Something should be written for allowing FB login with bot as well as fixing that watch button push once loged in. I dont think it is just proxies having this issue. Also all my stats for earnhoney account status are green.
  9. BashYandex

    BashYandex New Member VIP Supporter

    Good morning,
    i do have problems with my earnhoney bot and a few problems with the swagbucks bot too.

    Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and all the requirements described in the showcase for both bots. Antivirus turned off.
    I´m from Germany, i don't use a proxy and my swagbucks site is shown in german language. (don't know where to change / no option in my settings)
    Moreover i'm always logged into my accounts via chrome browser and turned unsafe scripts and flash on.

    Earnhoney Bot first (Version 2.4.6; making 0.001$ / day):
    It just gets my userdata and starts after the countdown. It logs into my account and is clicking on the ads site and is watching 5 ads at a time.
    But: earnhoney is just not counting the ads it watches or maybe it is just counting when the browsers are not hided.

    I only get a few ads counted (about 7 a day). What could be the problem on this one?

    Swagbucks Bot (Version v220d; making about 0.33$ / day)
    This one is working fine for me even without a proxy. It just runs a few hours a day and farms as it should. Slowly but it does.
    Searching, Games, TV, Coupons and others are launching well and work every day. Maybe not every browser is generating money.

    I do have two quetions at all on the swagbucks bot:
    Is a proxy really necessary for the bot? Will it run faster, make more money or what is the advantage?
    Can i change my language from swagbucks account to english? Is it important for the bot running smooth?

    With kind regards,


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