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Earn Honey Information & the 100 pph rule.

Discussion in 'General Support' started by Hollywood, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Hollywood

    Hollywood Member
    Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    It seems like I see it in chat every couple days about a limit on the amount that can be earned hourly at Earnhoney. Yes this limit used to exist over a year ago. No it no longer exist. Here is a couple quotes from Favgames, (confirmed through Earnhoney) who is indeed an employee of theirs and knows what he's talking about. Also threw in some other info I had as well.

    Message to EH from me:

    "Hi I've been reading many comments from a person named "Favgames" on Reddit. Is he a representative of your company? I don't want to follow any of his advice if he is not. Thanks"

    Response from EH:

    Thanks for reaching out and I apologize for the delay. To answer your question yes he is.
    EH Support"

    Guidance on how much to earn hourly:

    "Just earn as much as you can... and if you trigger excessive, it is just 2 days break. It is better to earn 500 HD/hr with 2 days break than 80 HD/hr. :)"

    Guidance on the APP limits:

    "There is no cap that we implement.
    • no bots, no farms, no proxies
    • if you burn out your IP address, some advertisers will blacklist you which will decrease your earnings."

    Guidance on Bans:

    "We (EarnHoney) does not ban any IPs as long as they are not data centers or proxies. However, I can name at least 3 verification services that will blacklist your IP or device or cookies. These blacklists are not used by everyone, so it is not a binary event. You should know that. If one service blacklists you, you might see a drop of 50% in fill rate. If a second service blacklists you, you might see a 90% drop in fill rate. That is why some users are doing well and some are not."

    Guidance on becoming more ad worthy:

    "Advertisers are looking for:
    1. clean IPs that have not seen a ton of ads
    2. a varied and diverse cookie profile that shows you are human
    3. a history of engaging with brands through social platforms"

    Guidance on the smart panel:

    "All 0s = data cache issue
    Some 0s = no potential buyers on this site
    Between 1 to 5 = some potential buyers
    6+ = a lot of potential buyers"

    Guidance on account limits

    "Not sure what evidence you are talking about. If no advertisers is bidding on your time, then it is worthless.
    Nothing is account based as EHC does not make the decision on when / where / who to show the ads to."

    Guidance on tax reporting:

    "Earnhoney is required to report earnings for users with the following criteria:
    • US-citizens and US-residents
      Earned more than $600 in redemptions (of any kind) within calendar year 2016"

    Guidance on how an advertiser sees you:

    "I would suggest alternating between browsers. Each browser has different cookies, looks like a different person.

    I think I wrote this elsewhere, but it bears repeating:

    1. Advertisers are targeting people and their interests. The more they know about you, the more interesting you become.
    2. Advertisers are not idiots. They want people to watch their ads, therefore they are going to show their ads to the right people for a few times.
    3. Advertisers are always looking for more people. Therefore if you can seem to be a different person (different IP, different cookies, different browsers, blah blah) then you can become interesting again."

    Hmmm i'm pretty drunk i'll ad more from my list later and clean it up as well...
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017
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  2. Potato

    Potato Active Member
    VIP Supporter Organ Donor Donator

    No limit anymore? Great :) (even though i never exceed it)
  3. Hollywood

    Hollywood Member
    Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    I normally exceed it daily for several hours. It seems EH runs out of ads more in the middle of the day so what I do is push to the max at night when I'm getting tons of ads and then taper off during the day. Also its not just one advertiser serving you ads so even if they temp ban you, you can usually just switch channels and get more ads or reset ip. even though they don't have limits the word excessive is thrown around a lot and even though favgames never gave a direct number on it several sources have said more than 10 devices and more than $15 a day will trigger bans from the 3rd parties. Although this is all speculation as well since I have blown both those limits out the water and never been banned.
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  4. Gloria

    Gloria Active Member
    VIP Supporter Organ Donor Donator

    Good to hear that
  5. Boracho

    Boracho Active Member
    VIP Supporter Founding Supporter

    useful info, Thanks
  6. George Lopez

    George Lopez Active Member
    VIP Supporter Founding Supporter

    hollywood is earnhoney worth running bot if so many windows of each u recommend or better run manually on phones, tablets, and computer
  7. Hollywood

    Hollywood Member
    Organ Donor Donator Founding Supporter

    It all dependent on many things. First for EH bot to work you need ads on either games or matched. If you don't have ads there it is not gonna earn for you. Second the more devices you have the better so if you have several devices you can run a browser on each device you will have better earning potential and avoid soft bans. As far as how many bot tabs to run is dependent on your computer. Running more doesn't mean earning more. I started at 2 and 2 (if ads on both) and work up from there until you get to the point where you are getting delayed ad loads (black spinning circles). At that point more windows will not earn you anymore as they are already struggling to fill your current windows with ads.
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