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bot not changing timezone automatically so is at 90%

Discussion in 'Bot Support' started by Super, Feb 12, 2020.

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    hey there guys, I've been trying to contact randy for the past couple days, but anyways i though i should ask you guys. So originally I was told that the bot would automatically change the pc's timezone by itself. So when i went to create an account originally, i got insta banned and i didn't know why. So then I asked randy and he said it was because my was not at 100%. To my surprise he had been correct. The issue though was that it said it was a timezone issue. at this point I was very confused as why was this happening? so i tested out some other ips on the same pc and realized the timezone was never changing. Was this change removed? and do i have to go back to changing the timezone bymyself or is a simple reset going to do it for me? thanks again and sorry for the question but it's important as i've hit a rode bump.
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    should be better at that now btw in 234a

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