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  1. Try before you buy! Every member is now allowed to run SuperSwag for 8 hours to test it out before you commit to a monthly, yearly, or one time payment membership!
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  2. Rogue Labs will now honor a 3 Day money back Guarantee on Supporter or VIP membership purchases no questions asked. If you are not satisfied with the software and have purchased it within 3 days you can report to @Randydrew6 to be fully refunded. I do not want to scare away any possible customers, everyone is welcome to use the software without worry of not generating a profit!
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Superswag - Swagbucks bot with OCR Support! [$1.00 Profit per Day]

  • Bot is FREE for the first 8 hours! After that it is $3.99/ Month for Supporter and $11.99/Month for VIP.

    Download: SuperSwag

    With this Swagbucks Bot you can generate SB everyday just leaving it on and running in the background.

    This software running in the background with your account will generate at least $0.60 as Supporter and $1.00 as VIP per day!

    Not from the USA? No problem, go to the Market and buy a Residential USA IP address that will allow you to earn from every offer they have for people inside the USA!

    Supporter Features:
    - Sponsored Videos, will take breaks to ensure you wont be banned
    - Search the web, solves all Captchas that it comes across
    - Daily Poll
    - Will enter any new Swag Codes
    - Plays Games everyday to get daily points
    - Custom settings to edit what you want to bot and for how long
    - Tracks all SB you've made per day

    VIP Features:
    - Multiple Discover offer support including Hideout TV
    - Daily Coupons



    • .NET 4.5​
    • Daily Goal Must be activated​
    • Account Security Question must be set​
    • Google Chrome or Edge updated to the latest version​
    • If using Edge you need then Edge must have permission to use the Chrome Webstore ( Open this URL in Edge and click Allow at the top​

Recent Reviews

  1. Benthebeast
    "Fantastic bot"
    Well worth the subscription fee. Support Randydrew's great work - your wallet will thank you!
  2. b35773
    "Fantastic way to make some extra money"
    I've been using this bott for years, and it is excellent. As long as you don't get greedy, it will reliably earn you between $20-$40/month per account. Well worth it!
  3. pyrokidd
    "Great Bot that keeps getting better!"
    Cons - Wish it could do surveys and the swago board
    I get about 80+ SB per day on my home IP. The bot runs smoother than ever ans Randy keeps making improvements to ram/cpu usage. I have used SS for years and have always been impressed its the best bot out there for SB. Randy also provides great support when issues do come up and can usually get a fix out very quickly.
    1. Randydrew6
      You will now have all these issues fixed and Supporter should see 60 SB a day VIP should get over 100
      Randydrew6, Sep 15, 2020
      pyrokidd likes this.


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  1. finnows1
    Hey I just purchased supporter and my bot says I have no captcha credits (supposed to have 500). I also just went in and did the 50 credit purchase to experiment, and still no captcha credits on the bot. Can anyone provide any advice on this? Thanks
    1. Randydrew6
      if that ever happens just wait 3-5 hours and it will fix itself
      Randydrew6, Aug 12, 2019
  2. ThomasBeth
    I keep getting a message, "Download is down! waiting for it to return" every time I click on first run
      SSFUNDS likes this.
  3. Victor Tan
    I keep getting this chrome window that launches with %2A in the search bar
  4. hector
    que vale la vip? y cual es el metodo de pago?
  5. tito2
    I am a free user , when I loged out from super swag didn't allow me login again , it says my slot is full
    1. RandyVPS
      try now, there was an issue with free slots
      RandyVPS, Jun 14, 2019
  6. tito2
    my bot is stuck at login in
  7. kalypso
    Is coupons a supporter or vip feature? Just wondering cuz I see marketplace bundles with supporter and pv credits.
    1. Randydrew6
      it is vip only
      Randydrew6, May 26, 2019
      kalypso likes this.
  8. Michael Klock
    Watch just sits on waiting? Any way to fix? I have it enabled.
    1. Randydrew6
      Try v206, was probably a cross threading issue
      Randydrew6, May 18, 2019
  9. virz
    These are the items that are stuck on loading for me:

    TV, Game, Outdoor, Extra, Coupon, and Watch.

    How do I go about fixing this?

    1. ElizabeX
      Reinstall the software and restart several times...
      ElizabeX, Apr 22, 2019
    2. virz
      thanks was able to finally get it to work by restarting multiple times.
      virz, Apr 22, 2019
  10. Geoffrey
    How to upgrade my bot?
    1. ElizabeX
      It is automatically "updating" when you start it.
      ElizabeX, Apr 19, 2019