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Rogue Studio [BETA] [VIP ONLY]

  • Download: Rogue Studio


    This is in BETA a lot of features are not included yet! Please give feedback and I will edit accordingly


    VIP Features:

    - Simple Bot creator
    - Simple commands that allow anyone to create a bot for any program

    Upcoming Features:
    - Programatically Embed Process
    - Selenium support


    • .NET 4.5

    If you find any bugs please report them!
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  1. Cloudyday80
    I agree the program is powerful. However, the thing here is the learning curve if you have never done anything like this before. Once you learn it, it should be easy as it is for you. The video helps but the video can only show you so much.
    1. George Lopez
      if need easier one try browser automation, botchief, or expensive ubot (drag and drop)
      George Lopez, Jul 27, 2017
    2. Randydrew6
      I don't understand how their is a learning curve, I tested it by giving it to a 13 year old kid and had him make a bot with it without any instructions besides the 20 minute video
      Randydrew6, Jul 28, 2017
  2. judical
    Can the bot do reCaptcha?
    1. Randydrew6
      Not yet, if I add recaptcha support id have to add selenium support to it which I might do
      Randydrew6, Jul 24, 2017
  3. judical
    I'm having issues viewing the bottom of pages since the actions section of the bot is on top of the page. I have to minimize it to nothing to view the page.
    1. Randydrew6
      how small is your screen resolution?
      Randydrew6, Jul 24, 2017
  4. Cloudyday80
    how about making it where you can just click the name of the file for each script instead of having to type it in?
  5. fokilpt
    btw does this have 2captcha support? I would get vip asap just to be able to stop having to constantly do captchas, hate doing them and would love to have a bot that I could turn on and it just activated the 2captcha API and solved whatever 2captcha is showing.
    1. Randydrew6
      It does, if you watch the video it goes over everything
      Randydrew6, Jul 23, 2017
  6. fokilpt
    Wish I had the money for VIP, I would like to try this out just for fun heh. Spent all my money with Ombra :/
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  7. judical
    Please add key clicks.
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    1. Randydrew6
      key clicks? What is that?
      Randydrew6, Jul 23, 2017
    2. judical
      enter, tab, letters, arrows

      Also need a way to enter random characters so I can create a sub bot. Been trying to do it in iMacros but I'm having issues with recaptcha.
      judical, Jul 24, 2017
    3. Randydrew6
      You can do {ENTER} {TAB} {LEFT} {RIGHT} {UP} {DOWN} ect letters would just be typing the letter, the video goes over this
      Randydrew6, Jul 24, 2017
  8. b35773
    GREAT idea - thanks, Randy!
  9. Bucktastic
    I like it. I need to play around with it more... Thanks for this.
  10. George Lopez
    Great concept trying get both ur gpt to work and neobux one to work is better run through this or individual bot for neo