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EarnHoney - Earn over $2 DAILY! [VIP ONLY]

  • Download: EarnHoney

    VIP Features:

    - Watches All channels
    - Proxy Support
    - Detects when the site is offline, restarts when the site comes back up
    - Browsers stay active in background to stay "viewable"
    - Helps prevent softbans


    • .NET 4.5
    • Chrome installed
    • Earnhoney Profile completed

    If you find any bugs please report them!
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Recent Reviews

  1. AaaaaaaAaA
    This is what i need!
  2. vjjokhnr
    "not working"
    but starts, but doesnt view any ads...cant turn it off, you need tu kill it with task manager.. I bought VIP just for this
    1. octane567
      If you would like an alternative guide to earn with earnhoney, please send me a PM and I’ll instruct you! The developer is in constant demand, he will get to the different programs as he progresses
      octane567, Sep 27, 2019
      LloydValentine likes this.
    2. Randydrew6
      I can promise you that this does in fact watch ads however ads are based on location, the machine cant be on a VPN or anything that isnt residential, the time on your computer must match the location.. they are very good at fingerprinting. Make sure you only run this on a Home PC in the USA
      Randydrew6, Oct 3, 2019
  3. XokoTT


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  1. s2maxno1s2
    how to add account?
    1. Randydrew6
      You dont add an account. The bot uses chrome and uses your chrome cookies so if you are logged into earnhoney on your chrome before starting the bot then the bot will use that account.
      Randydrew6, Jul 26, 2018
  2. s2maxno1s2
    Can i use private proxy?
  3. EddieMoney420
    The Earnhoney bot conflicts with the Superswag bot causing the Superswag bot to crash. Is their a way to make the Earnhoney bot use Firefox or make the superswag bot use Firefox instead?
    1. Randydrew6
      It doesn't matter if they both use it just dont start one bot until the other one has been running for half an hour. The only time it could mess up is if both are starting up around the same time
      Randydrew6, Jul 13, 2018
  4. lotfi
    its profitable but you need a proxy first
    1. EddieMoney420
      I use the default ip address since I live in the USA which would hopefully reduce the chance of em getting softbanned versus using a proxy.
      EddieMoney420, Jul 5, 2018
  5. Jordon
    Anyone else get this email from EH recently? It appears that I can still log into my account though.

    I am sorry to report that your account has been temporarily disabled due to activity that is against our Terms and Conditions.

    We do not support or allow any of the following behaviors:

    • Using data centers to route traffic or originate traffic
    • Using proxies or VPNs to route traffic or originate traffic
    • Using any open source relays or other technologies that mask or change IP address
    • Using of any bots or any automation software

    In general, we allow a single human using EarnHoney.com from a small number of computers and mobile devices without connecting through any 3rd parties. Any other usages are not permitted.

    Please email [email protected] if you believe this is an error. Please respond with what you think might have triggered this response, and we can re-enable your account.

    Thank you for using EarnHoney,

    EarnHoney Support
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    2. CryptoBanker
      I never did - I opened a new chrome window
      CryptoBanker, Jun 1, 2018
    3. borntoearn54
      i have the same message, i wat 48 hours or i recreate a new account?
      borntoearn54, Jun 1, 2018
    4. Randydrew6
      If that happens I am pretty sure it is the IP you're running or you're just earning too many points a day. I am going to make a break timer in the next few days that should stop that from happening. Until then just run the bot for a day then take a day off.
      Randydrew6, Jun 4, 2018
  6. Mathieu
    very nice thank
      Randydrew6 likes this.
  7. daniel
    how can i add my account ? i got vip
    1. Randydrew6
      you need to be signed into earnhoney with your chrome browser before running the bot
      Randydrew6, May 1, 2018
    2. EddieMoney420
      open a new browser window in your google chrome settings and sign into your google chrome profile, then sign into earnhoney and keep both your google chrome settings and your earnhoney profile page opened then launch the bot as admin.
      EddieMoney420, Jul 5, 2018
  8. StarLord
    When will the EH bot be updated? I will buy Supporter or VIP if it is updated soon..Any timeline for the update?
    1. Randydrew6
      I just fixed all gifthulk problems so now I am working on earnhoney again, it's a tough one because of the distil network but I can get around it with enough time.
      Randydrew6, Mar 11, 2018
  9. Master123
    Randy whats your progress with EH?
    Will it be possible to use it again without gettin banned and when will it be?
    1. Randydrew6
      I am trying to figure out how to bypass the soft ban atm
      Randydrew6, Mar 2, 2018
  10. jwilde35
    NVM reinstalling fixed it