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New Showcase Comments

  1. Randydrew6
  2. gadzooks
  3. Illuminati
    i would but for some reason i never can get it to work right i will do some playing with it to see. thx
  4. Illuminati
    i sure hope it's fixed soon and back to working condition. i paid for three months about 3 or 4 weeks ago. when i did then i was having issues with the bot and this bot is the only reason i wanted to continue to use rogue labs. this bot makes...
  5. Illuminati
  6. jjg
    I'm getting less than 50 SB per day. I purchased the VIP. Running on Windows 10 Home, .NET 4.6x, and C++ from Visual Studio 17. Everything is checked but hardly getting any SB. Any suggestions?
  7. Jordon
    Anyone else get this email from EH recently? It appears that I can still log into my account though. I am sorry to report that your account has been temporarily disabled due to activity that is against our Terms and Conditions. We do not...
  8. Jordon
    I know it's a long shot, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have a bot do the SwagIQ show on mobile?
  9. Jordon
    For some reason this bot isn't getting through the login stage to start running. Any ideas?
  10. Demonator
    Couple questions, 1) do i need to have vip and supporter to unlock ALL of the features? 2) how do i verify my phone number to get the coupons working? 3) not a question, but your bots are pretty damn cool.
  11. x8lx8
    there's now a captcha on login, please fix so i don't have to manually login every day
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  12. Gillbian
    Keep getting this error when I double click on a process to start to make something. System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'OpenQA.Selenium.ITimeouts OpenQA.Selenium.ITimeouts.SetPageLoadTimeout(System.TimeSpan)'. at  .(Object ,...
  13. H Q
    Please add edge support to the free version
  14. florbo
    Is there any reason why TV or Toolbar would be stuck on 'verifying launch'?
  15. Mathieu
  16. daniel
    how can i add my account ? i got vip
  17. Demonator
    Hey, I've been running the bot for a couple weeks and its working pretty well, however, in your video you said in these months VIP could make roughly 2 to 2.50 a day. I currently barely reach 1 a day. I currently have pretty much all the boxes...