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New Showcase Comments

  1. money2969
    BingBot is not working, it just does some searchs and then it moves to the dashboard (Dashboard loading), then it moves to Extracting information and finishes immediately (for botth old and new dashboard) :(
  2. jpsmith76
    Hey Randy! Don't know much about the bot writing process, but was just curious if you could add another section to SS that fakes a mobile user agent and watches the mobile videos/ads. I just cranked up EntertaiNow on my iPad, fired it up, and...
  3. Randydrew6
    Revamped the entire bot! Added a lot of new features in the past couple weeks!
  4. Randydrew6
    The new dashboard bing incorporated is now fixed!
  5. gadzooks
    My account hasn't been banned but I stopped running it before dec 25th. Is this bot still Good(Not banning?)?
  6. b35773
    Anyone else having trouble with PVs on Gifthulk? I just tried 4 different numbers (two cells and two gv), received and entered pins correctly - all four said "Pin Incorrect."
  7. michaelg
    Hey after I am extracting the zip, I'm not seeing the .exe file. Any tips on how to get it?
  8. Illuminati
    can someone tell me how much the are making from 1 ip 1 computer per day?
  9. Akateshi
    ohhh impossible to get some money from this just 354 in 4 days ...24/24
  10. Rastilyn
    So I purchased supporter and downloaded superswag but I feel like it's not working like intended. I ran for about 6 hours yesterday and only made about 30 Swagbucks, is that normal?