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New Profile Posts

  1. LloydValentine
    LloydValentine jwilde35
    I see you're back scraping up the moolah on InstaGC again LOL. Nice!
  2. unknown123
    unknown123 George Lopez
    How do I pm you on this forum? I don't see an option to do that.
  3. Freak101
    Freak101 Randydrew6
    i send you a PM, can you please help me out?
    1. RandyVPS
      Use Facebook, the link is at the bottom
      Jun 14, 2019
  4. yellowsun64
    Just got banned by swagbucks, anyone else?
  5. yellowsun64
    Just got banned by swagbucks, anyone else?
    1. RandyVPS
      probably because you were using it on a bad ip
      Jun 14, 2019
  6. itrpoka
    can i send manual payments to Randy? need to contact with you. how to reach you?
    1. RandyVPS
      Use facebook
      Jun 14, 2019
  7. Emperorcore
    If you don't like it GTFOH
  8. keystrokes
    keystrokes Randydrew6
    Hello Randy. I'm trying to install superswag via the SuperSwag Setup.exe. However, I keep getting "This app can't run on your pc". Any suggestions? After a few hours of troubleshooting with no success, thought you might be able to help. Thanks
  9. duskface
  10. Thekidiacs
    The beginning of my empire of computers. The beginning of making money.. Execute Order 66
  11. juancho073
    juancho073 RandyVPS
    Hi Randy, how can I send you a PM?. I want to acquire a subscription, to use the SB and EH bots. I want to ask you some questions
  12. evemon007
    @Randydrew6 i purchased 2x of the 1 slot extra computer but only got 1, please look into that for me.
    1. Randydrew6
      Sorry man you shouldn't be able to have 2 of the same upgrade, please cancel one and PM me the transaction ID so I can refund you
      May 18, 2019
    2. evemon007
      Not a big deal, its like a 2 dollar charge. but you should know without the ability to have multiple 1 slot subs people with odd number of bots are going to have to buy more slots than they need.
      May 18, 2019
    3. Randydrew6
      I can make a +2 slot
      May 19, 2019
  13. Heroes
    skype : live:boring725900_1
  14. heshamyasin
    heshamyasin Heroes
    your skype or discord please
  15. saalih416
    saalih416 Trey
    Can you explain to me how you're running 20 VPS?
  16. PdTwyGvRfd
    this site is a joke, sad
    1. Avocado
      how so? Care to elaborate?
      Apr 19, 2019
    2. Refus
      Someone sounds salty
      Apr 21, 2019
  17. Billy Bob
  18. tiostalin
    tiostalin Randydrew6
    Buy the vip yesterday, but it does not appear in my account, please help.
  19. darkness93
    darkness93 Randydrew6
    I have sent BTC for Vip , waiting for upgrade.
  20. tiostalin
    tiostalin Randydrew6
    Hello i pay vip, please update my account ;)