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New Showcase Comments

  1. thomasiscool
    hello this is my post on what needs to be updated in the bot so please see it. as you see neobux added games you can make 1.25$ per day with games so it will be good if it is added.
  2. Stylxd
    At least for me, still not fixed BuzzTv (Matchedcars) stuck on Facebook.
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  3. Gloria Parker
    @Randydrew6 buzztv( matchedcard is not working) bots is unable to click watch on fb page. kindly fix it My captcha was 2850 one minute befor but after one minute sit will becaom 0 and asking for 2captcha API lol
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  4. nowaczuk
    is there any way to test the bot for an short time (an hour or two) bevor purchase? in the last years i have buyed any bots und the most from them has not worked.... when i can test it and it work, then i will buy, bot not bevor, i hope you...
  5. Gloria Parker
    The bots is not working good with multiple accounts
  6. definitelynottung
    No Recaptcha support yet? I think recaptcha alone will make rogue labs sub worth it
  7. b35773
    I also posted this in the GH Support forum but wanted to check here as well to cover my bases: I've been noticing instances of the GH bot stopping activity and pending on the Rogue Labs login screen intermittently throughout the day. They stay...
  8. J0$h
    Mine is constantly stuck on "Updating status, loading" for hours at a time. Any fixes? Can I downgrade to a previous version? I know it has worked before and I just started using it again.
  9. peterjoseph
    bingger only makes 2 searches daily, but there are 10 searches to be clicked, anyone know why?
  10. neokyle
    @Randydrew6 Remember how I was suggesting a how to guide. It looks like you changed the forums around a bit, you should have a hyperlink to the how to guide right after the Prerequisite. Here's something that could be used as a starting point...
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