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New Showcase Comments

  1. virz
    Keeps on opening in firefox, how do I get to the settings page to get this to open in chrome? Also my card status is stuck on waiting.
  2. virz
    These are the items that are stuck on loading for me: TV, Game, Outdoor, Extra, Coupon, and Watch. How do I go about fixing this? Thanks
  3. Geoffrey
  4. PdTwyGvRfd
    Sure wish I could get a refund for the 3-4 days that I used the bots that didn't work or at least an additional month as compensation
  5. miding300
    I'm getting this error: "Path set for Firefox Nightly is incorrect". What can I do?
  6. peva353
    When I run the bot it doesnt even set up.
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  7. IFeelSoSad
    The first run.exe keeps giving me this: `Download is DOWN! Waiting for it to return...` multiple times a second :/
  8. p9oil
    I bought the proxy and when i open the program it automatically starts, but the drop down to select proxy is greyed out with either buy proxie or IP : PORT.
  9. evemon007
    I am not able to start this bot anymore on any of my IPs. sticks at Status: not started.
  10. IFeelSoSad
  11. chriskov98
    Whats an average VIP making points wise per day? Just curious what its looking like this time of year. What settings is everyone running?