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New Showcase Comments

  1. minhhungtsbd
  2. Neverstop123
    If I select 10 tabs "which I had to manually put into settings.ini because clicking it in settings doesn't work" will it do 10 tabs for swag bucks TV? If I only have swagbucks TV selected? Also where is the list of search keywords you use for...
  3. Neverstop123
    Opens games only, I have buzz TV selected, takes for EVER to do any actions. Doesn't seem to be any different than just running the website manually, what is the point of this bot?
  4. kid1490
    Any thoughts Why my bot isnt getting any points?
  5. rshacker13
    Can this be reconfigured so that it will click on the ones at the bottom first before the ones on the middle and the top ads? The ones at the bottom are the ones needed for the referrals.
  6. Nate
  7. KazeoHimura
  8. Gloria Parker
  9. Andrew Martin
    When will rogue studio be available for supporter rank?
  10. Andrew Martin
    Again, Hello Randydrew6, If you are familiar with sikuli, you know that the greatest weakness is the lack of embeddability if that makes sense, because of its use of the actual mouse cursor. If use can embed sikuli in some way that would...
  11. Andrew Martin
    Hello Randydrew6, I personally code my own bots using a method that includes using a python based program called sikuli, and an android emulator. There are many cons to this method, and I want a way to compile the bot into an application and...
  12. Stylxd
    Looks like with new update going directly to Matchedcars but apparently I'm not logged on my EH account so, not winning points. EDIT: I'm watching that i'm loggin on account but get invalid request when going to matchedcars [SPOILER]
  13. paying_off_ the_debt
  14. Cloudyday80
    I agree the program is powerful. However, the thing here is the learning curve if you have never done anything like this before. Once you learn it, it should be easy as it is for you. The video helps but the video can only show you so much.
  15. Neverstop123
    Windows 7 here, app starts, I setup account, it asked me for 2captcha api I put it in. Then it says setting up and stalls at 40% , I tried deleting settings.ini as someone else suggested, still doing same thing. It doesn't seem to even login. And...
  16. judical
  17. judical
    I'm having issues viewing the bottom of pages since the actions section of the bot is on top of the page. I have to minimize it to nothing to view the page.
  18. Cloudyday80
    how about making it where you can just click the name of the file for each script instead of having to type it in?
  19. Gloria Parker
    Anyone facing PV error? I did not get sms/ camm. I tried many times one after 4 hour
  20. fokilpt
    Hey, any reason why this bot only runs MatchedCars now and not the rest of the BuzzTVs? Also, when will the Games get fixed? Curious as can be about that. I have a site where I pay $25 for the first month for dedicated 8gb ram windows VPS, its...
  21. fokilpt
    btw does this have 2captcha support? I would get vip asap just to be able to stop having to constantly do captchas, hate doing them and would love to have a bot that I could turn on and it just activated the 2captcha API and solved whatever...
  22. fokilpt
    Wish I had the money for VIP, I would like to try this out just for fun heh. Spent all my money with Ombra :/
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  23. thebot
    I only see Bot working with MatchedCars in EH Miimd or TVMinutes not supported?